Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Miss Teen USA is here...

What's wrong with me?!! I haven't blogged in forever!!!
Don't worry I haven't forgotten I've just been so busy.... I don't even know where to start.

My last post told you how I'd update you on prom and SATs and what not. Well the results are in...
First off, my prom. Wasn't as dreamy as they depict it in the movies let me tell you. My prom was small, my date didn't want to dance, and my hair was very flat. (Every pageant girl's nightmare!!!) I'd rate this night a D... - .... But at the end of the night my dress was cute and I had a good sleepover with my friends so whatever.. we'll say it was FABULOUS.

Luckily I was fortunate enough to attend another prom which was 20 million times better. :D Actually, infinitively better. I wore my favorite Sherri Hill dress, was in a lit up limo, the food was fantastic, the location was on the water and I had a great time with my date. This prom was an A++ and it was perfect!  

Now to the dreaded SATs... I'll just say now that they actually weren't that bad.. (Besides the fact I hate sitting still for more than an hour straight and was very hungry.)

Average is supposedly a 1500 and all I will say is that I got a higher score than that!! Which must mean I'm above average (which I would hope I would be after these years pushing myself in my honors and AP classes) so that's good!!!.. However like most teenagers I am taking them a second time which means more hunger and boredom... not so good.

Now SOOOO much to catch up on!! Appearances haven't been so busy but big events like Miss USA and Miss Teen USA prep are taking over my time these days.

Miss USA was amazing I feel so blessed to have sat in the room that I have watched for so many years on TV. The teens did some fun activities in Vegas (My favorite.. The Sugar Factory!!) and we basically sat up front for the show!! Being in that room while Olivia Culpo was crowned the new Miss USA 2012 was incredible!! (Hope we get to be sister queens!) ;)

Now I've been busy myself preparing for Miss Teen USA!!! I leave in 5 days.... AHHHH!!!!
Gown... check. (I saw my design for the first time in person last week, thanks to MacDuggal and the Crowning Touch for bringing it to life!!)
Hair... check. (My hair is healthy and sunkissed for the Bahamas thanks to Neil Gannon & Persona Salon on Newbury Street. They are the best!!)
Swimsuit bod... still in the process. ;) You'll see it live! (Thanks Katie Boyd for whipping me in shape!!)
Opening number... check. (Received it in the mail the other week. Shout out to Sherri Hill for the beautiful classic design!)

Okay I'm out of things to think about so this will do!! Hahaha

No matter what it's still unbelievable that I'm competing in less than a week and it doesn't feel real that something I've reached for for so long is in the process. In 10 days I will have finished the preliminary competition for Miss Teen USA. In 11 days there will be a new Miss Teen USA. Every event, and appearance, and meeting, and sponsor, and work, and prep, and essentials for this one week. I can't express enough my gratitude for everything my sponsors, family and friends have done for me. At the end of the pageant I will be sure of one thing whether I win or lose. God has a plan for me. And this year has been a whirlwind that brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think of it. (Sounds corny but true) Hopefully after my hard work this title is God's plan for me. If not something else is on its way. I would be honored to be the new Miss Teen USA 2012 and would work so hard as a titleholder. If not, I'm still so so so proud to be your 2012 Miss Massachusetts Teen USA<3

Don't forget to vote for me at missteenusa.com to be a semifinalist!! Also keep up with me and more @RealMissMATeen (twitter) and on my Facebook. The prep continues..  until after the pageant... xoxoxo


Thursday, May 3, 2012

April showers bring May flowers! :)

Long time no talk my lovely bloggers!

Since my last post the #1 thing I've been doing the most is sleeping... oh yes. Sleeping.

I attended an MLBPA event at the State Room in Boston benefiting Medical Research and the venue was incredible you could see the whole Boston skyline around you as all the walls were glass!! Beautifully done definitely one of my favorites! I even met the Red Sox manager!

Then I departed for  ITALY AND FRANCE!! (On Friday the 13th I might add.. but hey I'm alive so it's okay.. 9 hour flight eeekkss thank God for movies!)

I spent 11 days in Italy and France. Words cannot even describe the experience. I am so appreciative of all the travel I have done in my life because I have seen some absolutely AMAZING things. Looking forward to what else I will see in the world!

I've been on the wrong time zone and sleeping a lot!! I landed back home the last week of April, very excited to come home and continue my reign!!

I attended a prom event (hosted and planned by moi!!) at Neiman Marcus where I got to wear some of their beautiful dresses and get my hair and makeup done by Chanel! (Shout out to the wonderful Rita for all she has done for me!) Helping out girls pick out their prom dresses and pulling dresses for the models at the event made me feel like a true fashionista.

I then attended the "March for Miracles" walk for the Boston's Children Hospital. They blew up my face on a poster for the walk!! Sooo cool! Check out the pic below.

Now this weekend holds what a teenager can only dream of... SATS!!!!
Woohoo hope I do good. Sitting in a chair from 7:30 am to 1 pm is very exciting.

And better yet I will only have 4 hours to have my hair and makeup done for my prom the same night! Saturday will be stressful for sure but I have no doubts that it will all be worth it! :)

(My mom is talking to herself right now. I felt the need to include this hahaha hilarious!! Love ya mama)

I have an exciting photo shoot this Sunday the 6th!!! I'll save that and updates on Prom and SATS for the next post ;)
Until the next time... as they say in Italy - Ciao!

Jordyn J.M.
Miss MA Teen USA 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy April!! Time to catch up on more of March and my upcoming month...

I have done A LOT since the last post!!! I hope I include everything :)

Last time I made a blog I had told you about Fadil... WELL THE PICTURES ARE IN and OMGGGG
they are amazing!!! Fadil Berisha is a photo GOD I love him so much!!! He's so talented. Check out one of my favorite pictures below!

I helped girl scouts in Holyoke pack backpacks with the money raised (from the show I emceed) and was on the news for it! Even more exciting?.... The girl scouts gave me cookies!! WOOHOO.. don't tell my trainer though!! Hehe I have to get that kickin body for Miss Teen USA but no way am I depriving myself of cookies... they're my favorite!!

I am very exciting about this!! July 27th and 28th will be the Miss Teen USA pageant in the Atlantis, Bahamas.... ah some much needed sun... I can't wait! Go to missteenusa.com to book your trip today!

I was also a "judge" for a variety of events this past month... I judged the Mr. Marlborough pageant which was SO fun and one of my fav events to date, judged the Mr. and Miss Quincy pageant and even judged "Paw Sox Idol" I picked some awesome singers to sing at McCoy this baseball season! See pics from these events below :)

I was also inducted into the National Honor Society!!! YES. Glad to know my hard work in school has paid off!

Me and my big sis Natalie were in the famous South Boston St. Pat's parade which was aired live on TV, and I also attended "Sparkle", with her, for the Children's Hospital in Boston...(pictures following)

I was in the "Couture for a Cure" Fashion show in Middleboro, and hosted a live auction on TV to benefit their rotary club!

I interviewed with "Pageant Professors" (see my interview on their website) and spent some time at the Miss MA office!

Most recently I attend the Best Buddies Formal in Milton it was a blast! I got to crown the "outstanding buddies", dance a little, and signed a huge banner to stop the saying of the "r-word"... something everyone should cut out of their vocabulary! The Sherri Hill dress I wore for it? AMAZING! Love her cocktail dresses they are all absolutely adorable!

See, that was a lot huh?? This month I have more events but half my month will be spent in Italy and France... Until then...Au Revoir! 

Jordyn Jagolinzer-Machado
Proud to be your Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March!!! 4 months already?

My reign is flying... this makes me very sad!! :(
I can not believe it is already March!!! At least spring is on its way!

I am 17 now!! Woohoooo! I remember those days when I was 13 and read Seventeen magazine and I would wonder "should I be 17 to read this" Silly me! But hey I guess now it is okay for me to read it ;D

I have already done lots since the last post!! I am in the process of making a prom event happen with Neiman Marcus - so all you gorgeous teens getting ready for Prom, I will fill you in on the details when I have them!!

I also did something kindaaaaaaa big in terms of Teen USA prep... like... GOT MY GOWN!!!! I am absolutely in love, nothing more needs to be said! I cannot wait to show you the custom masterpiece!

This first weekend of March I had my school's rescheduled "Crystal Ball". I have to say the food was delicious, I loved my dress and I tried a new makeup look that I LOVED.

I also shot with FADIL BERISHA! Sooo much fun and an amazing experience. He is so funny and talented!! And who was shooting the same time as me??? Joan Collins and Rikki Klieman. WINNING!

The month is off to a good start, and of course I will keep you all posted on what I'm doing!!
Proud to be your Miss MA Teen USA
(Pictures of my makeup artist from the shoot, Fadil himself, and my friend Brianna and I at the dance below)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TONS to catch up on!!

I have been non-stop since the last blog post but now that it's school vacation I finally got a chance to tell you about what I've been doing!!

First- I am feeling MUCH better, and was able to go to that little girls birthday!! We made cupcakes, decorated crowns, and had a little fashion show! (It was the sweetest thing- literally ;D)

I also got to attend an MDA Muscle Team event at Fenway Park with my big sis Natalie! They raised thousands of dollars for Muscular Dystrophy. I was honored to be a part of it. I also got to meet Bruins players Adam McQuaid and Shawn Thornton!! WHOOPIE!!!

For the first time ever I went to a Winter Carnival in Holyoke. Home to the Volleyball Hall of Fame!! As a player I was in my glory!!! I greeted and spoke to the guests and was fortunate to get a tour of the city! So cool!

In less than great news... the Patriots lost the Superbowl... :( FAIL but it's okay! MA will just have to make up for it at Miss and Teen USA!

One weekend this month I had 4 events!! WOAH!! hahah I hosted a fashion show, benefiting inner city children in Boston, attended the Boston Globe Travel Show, where I got to cook a yummy Mexican dish, went to the MDA walk where me and my Miss led the walkers and went to my hometown Seekonk's 200th anniversary!! I love being on the go and what better way than to have fun doing it :)

Best of all you might ask?!! STANDOUT!!! I went to StandOut productions this past weekend in Lynchburg, VA where I met my fellow teens and Miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley and A.T. Dunn.  It was an incredible experience. I learned so much about who I am and conquered many fears!! Jumping off a telephone pole? check. Zip lining? check. hahaha!! So much fun, my mom was like wow Jordyn I'm proud of you!! Girly to adventurous just like that! ;)

Hope everyone can soak all those events in!! To those of us on vacation- enjoy and rest :) Next up- My birthday :) February 26th- Seventeen!

 Proud to be your Miss MA Teen USA xoxo
Jordyn Jagolinzer-Machado

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NYC Bound!!

Happy New Year!!
Hoping everyone is having a fantastic 2012! So far mine has been pretty good... except for the fact that I currently have tonsillitis! Ick!!! I'm going to have to get my tonsils removed- the good thing is that that means lots of ice cream :) The most exciting part of 2012 yet has to be the photo shoot I had in NYC this month. I was signed with MMG model management and shot with a world renown photographer who has shot people like Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl, and the Victoria Secret Models!! My makeup and hair was done by the woman who does the girls makeup for the big fashion show aired on national TV that we all watch! It was a great opportunity and I learned so much! (Still haven't gotten the pictures but will be sure to post one) If I'm lucky maybe I'll be living in NYC later this year haha fingers crossed!!
(Here is a selfy of my hair and makeup from the shoot- now that's Victoria's Secret!!

I've been sick recently but I plan on feeling better for a little girls birthday party this weekend! She requested me to be there for pictures and autographs- I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Until the next post....

Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2012
Jordyn Jagolinzer-Machado

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcoming the New Year!! - A message to you all. (Read to the end)

I admit- I'm incredibly sad to see 2011 go. It brought me a lot, and I learned so much this year. Most importantly, I'm really starting to understand who I am and what I want, and can bring to the world. The best part of 2011 for me was obviously winning the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA- a dream come true. I know though that that was only the beginning. Winning this title, was only the initiation of what 2012 has to bring. Although I'm sad to see 2011 go, I've never been so excited for a new year. If the world really does end in 2012- I know I'll be happy that a goal I've had my entire life has been accomplished. I have many exciting appearances in the New Year. You know that I will keep you all posted on what I'm doing! I am an amazingly blessed teen. I know 2012 will be a happy year for me, and I am wishing with my whole heart that it is happy for all of you too. So Happy New Year! Put your past mistakes behind you, because this is your new beginning. Keep your happy memories close to you, because those times will be your motivation in the hard ones. Most importantly, remember who you are, that you are special, and even if I don't know you- I love you. For reading this blog, for supporting me, and because you are one of my brothers or sisters put on this earth. May God Bless xoxoxo

Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2012 - Jordyn Jagolinzer-Machado